Is Your Business Thriving or at a Standstill?

Hi, I'm Nicola

An online business manager and VA.

Your super organiser, and the safe pair of hands your business needs.

You’re serious about growing your business, but you feel stuck.

You are bogged down in the day to day, and overwhelmed.

How do you get to where you can spend more time working ON the business instead of IN the business?

How do you create that freedom lifestyle you’ve dreamed of since day one?

You hand over the day-to-day details to an ace organiser with lots of experience supporting leaders and managing projects.

Whether you need someone to manage your diary, communicate with clients, or detox your inbox, I’m here as your support system and guiding hand.

My VA services will save your sanity and supercharge your productivity.

Think Marie Kondo but for your work life.

Why Me?

I have over 30 years’ experience supporting leaders and managing projects at a high level in the Civil Service.

As well as that, I’ve helped business owners just like you reclaim their time and grow their businesses through my services.

On a personal level, I know what it’s like to have to juggle everything at work and home.

I was a single parent for a while, bringing up two daughters while working full-time.

Sometimes, you need that helping hand.

I know delegating so much to someone else is a scary thought, but if you want to grow your business, you must focus on what matters.

Let me lighten your load with bespoke Online Business Manager and VA Services.

✔️ Project Management

✔️ Ideas Generation

✔️ Diary/calendar management

✔️ Meeting arrangements

✔️ Email management and detox

✔️ Form completion

✔️ Event coordination

✔️ Client and supplier communication

✔️ HR Support

✔️ Spreadsheet creation and updating

✔️ Facebook Ads support

✔️ Research

✔️ Quiz Building

✔️ Updating WordPress Websites with Elemantor

✔️ Email Marketing and campaigns

✔️Editing and revamping presentations

✔️ Formatting Proposals

✔️ Gift sourcing

✔️ Database and CRM management

✔️ Feedback survey creation

✔️ Eventbrite events set up

✔️ Custom Trello board creation

✔️ Starting a Podcast

✔️ Mind Maps

✔️ Presenting bios professionally

✔️ Developing your strategy

✔️ Implement Systems and Tech

✔️ Strategic planning

Are you ready to get things back on track and ditch the overwhelm?

Let’s chat!

About Me

I know what it’s like to struggle with burnout, stress, and overwhelm.

I understand how difficult it can be to balance work and family life.

I get how isolating and frustrating it can all feel.

I wish someone had told me that you don’t have to go it alone.

You are allowed to ask for help.

Because I’ve been where you are now, I’ve made it my mission to help business owners like you to get the results you want, without the overwhelm.

My VA services are for you if:

The demands on you feel like they’re too much;

You’re trying to spin too many plates;

Your days are spent firefighting or dealing with trivial things instead of what matters;

Your to-do list feels never-ending;

You feel stuck;

You have some great ideas but don’t have time to do anything about them today; maybe you’ll look at them again tomorrow.

But tomorrow never comes.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Overwhelm can be a thing of the past.

Yes, really.

What if you had access to a safe pair of hands with the skills and experience to get things done so you could stay laser-focused on doing the things that will take your business forward?

What would it feel like to be energised and focused again?

To be able to switch off when you get home?

To know that those tasks that drain your time and energy are taken care of?

You’re about to find out.

Ready to reclaim your sanity and focus on creating the business of your dreams?

Some businesses need the same amount of time every month from their support, while others want ad-hoc time.

At our Online Business Manager and VA Services we try to accomodate the needs of your business and you by catering with different packages to assist you.

Our Packages

Hire an Online Business Manager and virtual assistant today and focus on what matters.

Online Business Managing 10 hours or less Package

Running Projects and Creating Your Strategy for Growth for Your Business

Up to 10 hours - £50 per hour

Online Business Managing 11 hours or more Package

Running Projects and Creating Your Strategy for Growth for Your Business

11 hours plus - £45 per hour

Virtual Assistant 10 hours or less Pay as You Go

Pay-as-you-go hourly rate

up to 10 hours

£40 per hour

Virtual Assistant 11 hours or More Package

11 hours plus a Month Package

£30 per hour

If you are not sure what your requirements are or what you need then book an exploratory call today